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Friday, March 29, 2002

Better eyesight without glasses

Check out this book by Dr. M.S. Agarwal which I published recently on the web - Better eyesight without glasses by Dr. M.S. Agarwal

Trying out the e-book publisher from OverDrive & Reader from M$. Any experiences to watch out for? Write to me at

VB versus java - War of passion ;)

Recently I was in this debate of VB versus Java(no comparison as you know :) ). I felt tired having to go through the same old arguments again. It felt like a waste of time explaining to some people who obviously do not keep in touch with the programming world. In addition they are highly biased (don't they go hand in hand together? :) )

It all started when I offerred sympathy for a poor programmer who had to move from Java to VB ;) The flame I received was all about how Java developers have high ego, don't want to learn other things and all such c**p! If you want to follow the thread at Caljug Messages starting with


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