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Friday, June 21, 2002

EJB - love or hate?
EJB is liked by many and hated by some. Why? The main reasons I hear are: 1. memory and cpu hog 2. slow
Many times these can be contributed to bad implementation. For example fetching remote object by reference is a slow operation. If it is done in a loop, it will be slow. Re-factor the code and possibly move the code to the remote object or cache the references when fetched once.
Try not to use Sun's reference implementation, use JBoss (free), Weblogic etc. for faster performance. Try increasing the number of threads in Application Server for optimum performance.

Do you have bad EJB experience - like memory and resource hog, slow etc? Write to me at with subject [EJB problems].

My perspectives as a Hindu:
We believe we are all the same ("eka meba dayam Brahma, neha nanasti kinchan"), that there is only one entity in this world and no other. When we attain that realization we ourselves become The Almighty. And all persons of all religion or no religion will finally attain the same state, sooner or later, there is no escape. There is no eternal hell nor there is eternal heaven.
I am often asked what rites or ritual I need to do as a Hindu. I am not required to do anything on a day to day or weekly or monthy or even yearly basis.