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Thursday, December 12, 2002

Blogging now using ChronicleLite jar a blogger client in Java. It is an HTML editor with blogging capability rolled in.

For accessing your POP accounts along with Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Rediff Mail and a whole lot others my current recommendation is ePrompter. It is fast (one thread is used per account to fetch the emails)and handy. Doesn't handle HTML emails well nor does it handle attachments. However it works GREAT for everything else. Also you can view large emails on the server without downloading them. You can delete your junk emails from the server itself. Also now you can send your emails.

I am nowadays leaning towards object database for the speed it offers to do rapid prototyping. RDBMS have become a standard. However they are painful to translate from Object World. A good ORM is the best of both the worlds. I am currently looking for a good one.