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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Laden defined!

Difference between terrorism & Freedom Fighter - finally revealed!

I am starting to like this guy for his uncannily accurate potrait of the world policitcs. He has finally found a way to define a terrorist versus Freedom Fighter & Jehadi! This is a must read for the INS. Guys take a cup of java and click on this link to finally have the mystery revealed to you, with a globe.

Be patient Mr. Vajpayee!

Be patient Mr. Vajpayee!

India is facing tremendous challenges due to terrorism for many years and always was requested to be patient and work it out with the neighbors! Wonder why the same policy couldn't have been applied to Iraq? An old but yet unanswered question. Any takers?

Dense Objects...

Have you been near any dense objects lately that would make the fabric of space-time fold onto itself?

Links for UI development in Java

Doubletwisters: "Some links for you to enjoy:

LnF articles:

LnF graphics repository:

Free Swing Book :

A commonly posted Java User's website that contains nice examples of more advanced usages of Swing:

And it is great to search the forums for answers:'
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